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Price List

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  • Flood Damage Sydney:

Dry Wet Carpet Sydney :24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK
Our team can assist you in the worst flood damage situation. Whether your flood water is sanitary, Diseased or black water. We will have the solution. more info...

  • Leather Lounge Suite Cleaning and Protection :

Using genuine Leather Master Quality Products, we can professionally clean your leather lounge, to keep it look good and feeling great.
* Leather Lounge Suite Cleaning and Protection from $50.00 per seat. more info...

  • Specialist spot and stain removal Sydney:

Most coloured stained stains like cordial, soft drinks, red win and others can be effectively removed. more info...

  • Carpet Spot Dyeing :

we can improve the appearance of the damage area by 100%; in most cases the damage area will not be noticeable after spot-dyeing procedure is performed.more info...

  • Carpet Restretching & Repairs Sydney:

We can Provide Carpet Restreching & Repairs.
Our team can Repair your carpet in terms of cigarette and Ironing burn, Rotten Carpet and Restreching.
more info...

  • Carpet Cleaning Sydney:

From $100.00 for one bedroom unit.
From $150.00 for two bedroom unit.
* Carpet Steam Cleaning $3.00 per Sqm or $30.00 per average room( 10 Sqm). All Stains and soil Treated.
* Chair Steam Cleaning from $15.00 up to $20.00 per chair.
* Lounge Steam Cleaning $30.00 per seat.
* Soiled carpet & Solid Stain additional Charge Involved ( Photo available ). more info...

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning :

Fibbers that bleed and shrink need to be identified
and carefully pre-tested before starting the job.
* Carpet Dry Cleaning $3.00 per Sqm or $30.00
per average room( 10 Sqm). All Stains and soil
Treated. more info...

Handyman Sydney

  • Carpet Protection :

Keep the new look of your carpet by having a stain
Repellent treatment applied. This makes spot
cleaning easy.
Carpet and fabric Protector $25.00 per Room or
Has been tested with medium - high quality.
Carpet and fabric Protector ( Imported from USA )
$30.00 per Room or seat. Has been tested with
very high quality.

  • Dry Out Carpet and Ready to Walk :

Hot Water Extraction can leave freshly cleaned
carpets wet for periods of time that may not be
satisfactory to you. Bonnet Cleaning can speed up
dry time by soaking up water. Following up Hot
water Extraction with bonnet.After Carpet Steam
Cleaning $15.00 Per Average Room .[ Bonnet
Cleaning ]

  • Floor Stripping and Sealing Sydney:

We can removed all previous floor sealer and re seal
again in any floor board.

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