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Polished Concrete Sydney, Epoxy Flooring & Flake Epoxy Flooring, Concrete Resurface

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Concrete Polishing Sydney, EPOXY Flooring Sydney & Flake Epoxy

Concrete grinding & polishing

Concrete Finish Types:

  1. Polished Concrete Floor
  2. Concrete grind and Seal
  3. Honed Concrete Floor
  4. Concrete Epoxy Flooring
  5. Epoxy Flake Flooring

How do we polished concrete Floor?

There are three to choose, Less aggregate, semi aggregate and finally full aggregate polished concrete Floor.
We have to grind and honed concrete floor then smooth and Fill holes, Divots and Cracks.
There are two ways to enhance shine and beauty of your floor.
We can seal your concrete floor or use different kind of resin to shine the concrete Floor.

Advantage of Polished Concrete :

It is last a long time.
Concrete floor is Thermal mass, it is absorb and store heat energy. During winter will absorb heat from sun or heater and release during night time. Lightweight materials such as timber have low thermal mass.
It will not get mouldy in wet or moist environment such as ground floor, compare to wooded flooring or carpet and finally easy to clean.
Very hygienic and dust free for allergy sufferers.
it is ideal for commercial area.

Disadvantage of Concrete Polished :

Concrete floor is Thermal mass, if your room won't get enough sun light will remain cold especially in winter time. Concrete Polished like any hard flooring can transfer Sound to lower level.

Concrete Epoxy Flooring :

EPOXY Flooring is another hard flooring can be used in many area with unlimited colours. This kind of flooring is combination of 2 parts chemicals. applications vary such as industrial, commercial, retail and residential.

How Much Does Polished Concrete Floors Cost?

Price depend up on:

1) Age of concrete
2) Quality of concrete
3) The expected outcome
4) Size of the job, Easy access to the job site (tools and equipment are very heavy).
5) Concrete floor edges, long & narrow area and staircase requires time to grind and polished.
6) Carpet issues: After removing all carpet gripper which has been nailed down to concrete floor, we will end up with many small dent along each wall. We have to patch each one then grind and polish ( Colour of patch will be different ).
7) Wooden floor issues: wooden and vinyl floor has to be cut and removed include glue and floor self leveller.
8) Floor self leveller has to be removed ( Low MPa ), we cannot grind and polished.

Please be advise in general you may find a lower price :

Each small company has got expenses such as wear and tear of equipment, employee wages, also all general expenses such as Sealer, Epoxy, Diamond Segment and so on…
Therefore supper cheap, low price company has to reduce quality of their job which include grinding-level, corners, sealer and etc.
Basic respond to your question: concrete polishing or grind and seal it start at $50/sqm + GST and goes up to $150/sqm + GST, excluding steps or narrow area with many edges. ( Site Visit is Essential )

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