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Carpet repairs Sydney & carpet re stretching Sydney

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Budget carpet repair Sydney & Carpet stretching Sydney

If you are looking for who fixes carpet burns in sydney do not go further. Mr budget carpet repairs Sydney has been established about 20 years ago.
We have our own team of carpet repairers Sydney, we do not use subcontractors.

Type Of Carpet Repairs & Instalation:

1) Stretch in carpet repairs & installation
2) Direct glue down repairs & installation
3) Double glue down, double stick or double bound installation & repairs
4) Outdoors carpet repairs & installation
5) Carpet on stairs repairs & installation
6) Carpet modules (carpet tiles) repairs & installation
7) Carpet on walls repairs & installation

Example of typical carpet styles:

1) Level loop carpet
2) Cut and loop carpet
3) Multi level loop carpet
4) Cut and loop sculpture carpet
5) Velvet carpet
6) True plush carpet
7) Saxony carpet
8) Frieze carpet
9) Shag carpet

If you are searching for someone dose carpet patch in Sydney or fixing your carpet in Sydney don't go any further we have a team to save you money.

Our team of Sydney carpet repairers are experienced in repairing cigarette and ironing burns, rotten carpet, carpet re-stretching & carpet stretching.

If you can see carpet buckling or wave on your carpet don't be surprise the reason is your carpet installer didn't use power stretcher which he didn't stretch your carpet enough. It will be hard and time consuming if someone use power stretcher for each single job.

How Mr Budget Carpet Repairs Sydney
does it:

  • Firstly, we inspect the damaged
    carpet.Then, Mr Budget carpet repairs
    sources some supplies as needed specifically
    for your carpet repair job.

  • Mr Budget carpet repairs Sydney is
    experienced doing both domestic and
    commercial jobs.

  • Finally, using quality standard techniques we
    repair the carpet area.

Carpet repair & Stretching Gallery:

Call Alan now 9313 7141 or 0412 126 604

Email at :


Carpet repairer  Man

We patch your carpet to any size and shape
to remove all stains and marks even like this
huge P shape patch.

carpet repairs pic

carpet repair & cleaning

1) Iron burn on old and dirty carpet
2) Carpet has been patched
3) Carpet has been steam cleaned

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