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Carpet Stain Removal Sydney - Carpet Spot Dyeing

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Bad Stain?

Carpet Stain Removal Sydney

A spot is any foreign substance that adds texture to a fiber. A stain is anything that adds to or deletes the color of a fiber. Obviously, stains are not easily removed and usually permanent, whereas spots are more readily cleaned up.

BUT : we can improve the appearance of the damage area by 100%; in most cases the damage area will not be noticeable after spot-dyeing procedure is performed.

Some Stains on carpet are :

Vomit stain , nail polish stain , ink stain , urine stains , mustard stain , grease stain , lipstick stain , bleach stain .....

We provide spot Dyeing to remove any discoloured areas by bleach, pet urine, wine and cordial..




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